Multi-Family & Investment Listings - 2021/06

Over 260 Multi-Family & Investment Listings - 2021/06

Friday Jun 11th, 2021


There are over 260 properties available & listed for sale on MLS today, June 11th 2021, just in the multi-family & investment sales for in the GTA (Toronto, Peel, York, Halton, Durham).

For Sale by Numbers
Triplex           - 42
Fourplex        - 8
Multiplex       - 38
Investment    - 173

Low Rise Buildings

If you're looking to invest in this up-trending market, don't just buy a residential house or condo at their current peak prices, then hope to find a single tenant to cover all the expenses & mortgage payments. Most people that go down this route end up producing a negative cash-flow from day-one, & hold on to the idea that the appreciation value of the property overtime will help them break even & turn a profit in the end.

While this idea may have some merit, it suddenly becomes a game of death in the event things don't go exactly as planned. What if prices drop by the time to sell? With a single tenant, what happens if they can't cover the rising rent or decide to leave? Having more than one tenant around increases the possibility of earning a stable return and cut's the risk of achieving less than adequate income from the property to less than half.

Treat your property like a business, not a hot stock tip.

We provide detailed cash-flow comparisons & analyses for similar properties based on cap rate, calculate what the leveraged return on the actual down-payment looks like, look at different sectors to determine prime rental rates & future projections of income, expected costs for redevelopment & improvements, & an estimated sale price at reversion for any number of years down the road which include tax liabilities, recaptured costs, & capital gains.

Then, when it is time to sell, either to move on to a bigger project or to liquidate the equity in the portfolio altogether, we make sure to market & present your investment in the best light for the next investor that might show an interest in the place. A good deal now should still look like a good deal at the time of a future sale.

There are over 260 properties available & listed for sale on MLS today, just in the multi-family & investment categories for the GTA.

How many do you think are worth looking into? We can help you find out. Need something more unique & off-market? No problem.

Call or email me today to start your search & discuss the possibilities.

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