There is a big difference between having an office space for business and being in the business of office space. Every lease and term requires tailored services to ensure the best interests of the company are being put first, with all the relevant market data to meet the full value of the company's operating demands.

Most property management firms have a team of real estate brokers, lawyers, and accountants to make sure they have an advantage in the market. So should every business considering to be their tenant.


Building & Market Summary
Detailed summaries of what's going on in your market. Rates, vacancies, what different classes of buildings cost to occupy, it's all presented specifically for your location or considerations.

Existing Lease Reviews
Is what's legal necessarily fair or mandatory? We carefully audit terms and conditions to determine if there is anything looming around that would cause an issue at any point in the tenancy.

Client Needs Research
With all the right tools, we can help determine the most efficient operating requirements for your business, from space and locations to work patterns and retaining top talent. It's more than just where people work, it's also how. Construction and design consultations included for all around optimization.

Detailed Survey & Building Tours
Narrowing down selections based entirely on the business needs, know different properties from looking at high-level metrics measured against a micro-market study and future impacts in the area. Next, tour the locations to get a feel for the building and see if the company can be excited to be there.

Financial Analysis
Comprehensive lease proposal models calculating estimated cash flows for varying factors such as Tenant Improvements, parking, operating costs, free rent and other incentives; the list goes on. For every subject space, the company's entire operational budget is taken into consideration to find the ideal match, not just the factors upfront.

Offer & Lease Negotiations
Blending it all together, let us handle the propsal drafting process during discussions with landlords updating us on their best offers. Models are modified continuously to reflect the best case scenario, including lease conditions beyond the obvious and working out the clauses to be most aware of.

Continued Occupation
We are consistently available to offer support and resources well into the future should a re-evaluation of the office need be done again or special counsel is required. Our services are built on solid relationships and a continued trust in us, your commercial real estate partner.


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